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Genre Distortion

"You asked what kind of stuff I'm meddling with?
I think you might get even more confused if I introduce myself as a story agent...
Just think of a job crossing over the 4th Walls and Genre Dimensions to prevent the Plot Holes.

You didn't get it? I don't give a damn. I wasn't actually talking to you.

Anyway, you just get screwed like this after accessing too many stories.
Basically the story agents transform themselves to fix into the background of the story, and some with less fortune get shuffled and tangled terribly.
I had a crush on cyberpunk, and here i am, stuck in medieval fantasy at last. Shit.

What am I pointing this thing at?
Well it's time to finish the story.

Since you seem to think i'm telling you a whole bunch of mad bullshit, I want to tell you one thing for last time before i break this filthy ink box.

This gun was originally a 16th century matchlock.